Student Quizzes for those house

Each week I will add 20 new questions to be answered
you may answer them via email at
or text at 434-334-7866

At the end of you "stay at home" time the person with the
most correct answers will receive a  prize. Each week the
questions will increase in difficulty.

This is made available for the children unable to come to
the barn at this time.

Leg Up Stables does remain open adhering to the rules
set by our Governor for participating in outdoor activities,
keep social distance and no more than 10 people at the
farm at any given time.

Good Luck
Week 1

1)        What color is this horse?

2)        What color is this horse?

3)        What color is this horse?

4)        How many gaits does a horse have?

5)        What is a baby horse called?

6)        How do horses sleep?

7)        Are ponies too small to be in jumping competitions?

8)        How is it best to approach a horse?

9)        What are wild horses that roam the American West called?

10)        Does a horse have muscles below the knees and hocks?

11)        What is the marking in the picture, marked A?

12)        What is the marking in the picture, marked B?

13)         What is the marking in the picture, marked C?

14)         What is an adult female horse called?

15)        How do you tell the age of a horse?

16)        What types of horse were(are) bred to work on farms?

17)        Tell me about the horse that you usually ride: breed, color, markings

18)        How is a horse measured?
Week 2
Week 3

1.        What is a small patch of white between a horse’s nostrils called?

2.        What coat color describes a golden colored horse with a cream mane   
and tail?

3.        How can a horse hear in all directions without moving its head?

4.        How many stomachs does a horse have?

5.        What does a crupper prevent?

6.        A hackamore is a bridle that does have a, what?

7.        What do the terms hotblood, warmblood and coldblood describe?

8.        A horse swishes its tail when there are flies around. What else can a
swishing tail indicate?

9.        What type of race sees horses jumping over hedges and ditches?

10.        What part of the bridle fastens under the horse’s jaw?

11.        Approximately how many hours does a horse sleep each day?

12.        What is a female foal called?

13.        What breeds originated in the United States?

14.        What coat color do most Paints have?

15.        What is a 3 beat gait called?

16.        What is the only gait where at least one foot remains in contact with
the ground at all times?

17.        Which breed is known for its high step: Appaloosa, Norwegian Fjord or

18.        Which is the smallest breed of horse: Dartmoor, Falabella or Hackney?